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Journal of Competitiveness

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#4/2016, Dec 2016

Editor's Letter

Matošková Jana

Measuring Knowledge

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Vojtovič Sergej

The Impact of The Structural Funds on Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

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Simionescu Mihaela

Competitiveness and Economic Growth in Romanian Regions

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Glabiszewski Waldemar, Zastempowski Maciej

The Ability to Assimilate Technology as a Source of Competitive Advantage of Financial Companies in Poland

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Slávik Štefan, Zagoršek Branislav

Relationship between Business Strategy and Business Model Studied in a Sample of Service Companies

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Albert Tóth Attila

The Impact of the Hotel Industry on the Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations in Hungary

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Bejtkovský Jiří

The Employees of Baby Boomers Generation, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z in Selected Czech Corporations as Conceivers of Development and Competitiveness in their Corporation

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Prasetyo Heru Aries

What Drives International Competitiveness? An Empirical Test in Emerging Indonesian Market

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